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Security breaches and cyber-attacks cost businesses billions in lost revenue and recovery costs every year. New techniques emerge constantly. Today’s defense mechanisms won’t prevent tomorrow’s attacks. IT faces intense pressure to address the threats while also meeting compliance requirements. Taking on the challenge to ensure security and protect information requires investments in advanced technologies. IT must also allocate multiple resources to manage several critical tasks such as: detecting changes in network traffic that signal an attack, monitoring individual devices to detect unusual activity, remediating potential security issues, implementing security best practices to maintain compliance with key regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX, providing detailed reports on security performance to key stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Few enterprises or institutions possess the resources to meet these challenges. With future attacks brandishing new capabilities, the challenges will only intensify. Also, most companies or institutions have focused more on prevention than on quick detection and rapid response. They do not worry about finding indicators of compromise, nor are they responding to these incidents and removing them quickly enough. Ultimate TECH, LLC will help to establish the capability to predict future trends based on past and current behaviors and provide complete cyber security solutions.



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