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We are a team of the smartest people with the deepest expertise in the market. We started our company after taking few observations that are affecting several companies in various industries: We examined the information technology security sector and found out that malicious code in many organization’s network often goes undiscovered for months or even years. We looked at the recent studies in cybersecurity and found that security breaches are discovered, on average, over two-hundred days after the event, and notification often arrives as the result of a third party. We also discovered that a large number of companies do not have a complete cybersecurity team and many of them lack the intelligence and incident response part of their security team which is very essential to combat cybercriminals. This is the main reason why we have taken the opportunity that most people only dream about. We decided to invest our IT and IT security expertise and create something completely revolutionary. That’s exactly why Ultimate TECH, LLC was founded.


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